PALUAN metal carpentry industry - iron - steel - aluminum - alloys
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Paluan's technical office is a true customer partner, careful and vigilant so that the customer's technical documents are well interpreted by departments to avoid any kind of error.



The Paluan Technical Department is divided into two specialized areas: lathes and bars. Each sector must examine the order documents, and in particular the drawings of the work to be carried out in relation to the processing cycle.



It is the technical office to launch the orders by preparing the relative technical working documents for the specific departments. It is still the technical department to carry out the programming of the production according to the various orders to be made and the expected delivery dates. 



Among the tasks of the technical office there is also the responsibility to take care of the quality controls of the raw materials, the products and the relative technical correspondence with the features expected from the various commissions.



Paluan's technical office is technologically up to date, using latest generation computers and up to date programs to streamline work and achieve maximum efficiency.