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Paluan Industry 4.0

Paluan Industry 4.0 - PALUAN

Paluan is industry-standard 4.0 equipped with integrated industrial automation, supported by a computer network that relies on all the processes.

The company is specialized and equipped to produce pieces in small, medium and big series with high level of automatism, for decades it’s also specialized in the manufacturing and assembly of prototypes of every dimension for various industrial applications. Manufacture of unique pieces is a processing specialty that can only be done by structures with matured professionality and high-tech equipment.

Paluan serves a particular clientele that requires high level manufacturing and that wants quality and executive guarantees. Big products destined to special plants or very delicate applications, require consolidated processing models.



- Manufacturing by design in big, medium and small series.

- Manufacturing of big unique pieces by design of special sizes that require special transportations.  

- Manufacturing of prototypes for the realization of new high-tech models.  

- Manufacturing of prototypes by design for the study and research of the next industrialization.




Our industrial model approaches the TPS goals, a method that, as it is well known, aims to eliminate unnecessary overloads, inconsistencies and waste. The main feature of our production is the logistics involvement of suppliers through a kind of just-in-time, which ensures the minimum immobility of materials within the industrial structure.

The department produces in large, medium and small series and in particular:

Pieces of any size design.

Large pieces involving special transport.

Realization of design prototypes for the creation of new models.

Realization of prototypes for the study of the subsequent industrialization.

Production of large structures for large applications.

As for our technology sector, it is the best you can find in the availability of the international market and it is the result of important investments that allow the creation of any kind of order.



Paluan uses the Kanban system for material handling, so only the necessary parts are processed at the time of need. With Kanban, the company obtains a significant reduction in stock levels with a simplification of production planning. Kanban also produces a reduction in costs.

Automatic warehouse overview Spazio Zmagazzini

Automatic warehouse overview Spazio Zmagazzini - PALUAN

Automatic warehouse overview Ciampalini

Automatic warehouse overview Ciampalini - PALUAN