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Lasertube fiber

In the intent of satisfying the needs of the more demanding customers, Paluan is making another technological investment for manufacturing of profiles up to a diameter of 240 mm of various materials like: iron, inox, aluminum, copper and brass.

With these objectives, inside the establishment we’re installing the new Lasertube LT8.10 Fiber from BLM GROUP for laser cutting of tubes and section bars. A top-notch system with exceptional performance able to take 3D non-orthogonal cuts, useful also for higher thicknesses.

The system is in condition of manufacturing not only circles, squares or rectangles but also any special open profile without any difficulty. Full loading and handling capabilities together with the full freedom of planning of the achievable pieces has no equals for reliability and performance.

        Lasertube FIBER
  • cut diameters up to ∅ 240 mm (9.5”)
  • bar weight up to 40 kg/m (30 lb/ft.)
  • loading length 6.5 m
  • unloading length 6.5 m
  • possibility of crimped holes
  • possibility to cut crimped 
  • 4 kW fiber laser source
  • automatic adjustments 3D cutting
  • cuttable materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, galvanized